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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Trendy Make Up

Hi,Readers. It was my Make Up Day.
After the days of looking at make up pictures,
and I decided to try on some make up.
Here it goes, my simple and natural make up :) 

The Picture Of The Day

I hope you all enjoy it :)
If anyone interested on make up,can contact me thru Facebook or the comment box below.
Stay tuned for more updates. Thank you so much. xoxo.
* Love Make Up *

Monday, 27 August 2012

Make Up Your Mind

Make up has no wrong or right. It's in a way of making girls pretty.
There are thousand of wonderful ways to talk about make up,
It could be following the seasons,or it could be yourself.
Different types of make up show different feelings.
Eye shadows make their eyes blinking, Lipstick make their lips shining.
It's just depending how you feel it.

I just do LOVE make up! Make Up For Life, Make Up Your Mind.

My Winter Make Up