My Frame

Sunday, 23 June 2013

For You

I realize that blogging is a good way of communicating with people. It’s like a connection, from a person links to another one. A way of knowing each other and their stories. We always start with a conversation before we get to know a person. And it’s amazing what if you know a person’s feeling thru blog. Well, blog tells a story.

I used to tell my friends about half green apple story, but I doubt myself that it’s not happening in fact. It’s a love story, about a half green apple is looking another half of itself. I thought that I found my half before, but I was wrong. And the day I met someone, I guess I’ve an answer. It might be a person who has the same character as you; it’s like a mirror of yourself. You find yourself. And it’s two in one. It used to belong together with same soul, same character and same love. I guess this is what love goes around.

“Everyone wants happiness, nobody wants pain, but you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain.” The rain stands for pains and the rainbow stands for happiness. And what we should do it’s, creating a bright sunlight if you make a rain. You’ll eventually lose someone you love. Because every 60 seconds you spend being upset, is a minute of happiness you’ll never get back. So fights for the sunlight!

Learning Zone & Comfort Zone

Hello, do you still remember the previous post which I talked about my dream? *This is the link* I was totally confusing about my life and what I want for my future. But, it always takes time to figure it out. We are been searching for what we love for the past of our life or even now. Never give up before you even get started. I believe in this, “everything can be happen, when it comes, it’ll leads you to somewhere.” And one day, I will find my way. Here’s a video which talks about life, watch this and make your life better.

As he says, “How do you want for your future to be?” and most of the people will answer, “I don’t know and I’ve no idea.” I smiled. Because this is what I usually answer. We don’t know what we want for our future but we know what we like or dislike. I agreed. What I like and want my future to be? I love make up, but I don’t want to work as a sales girl who promotes make up products only. In directly, fighting for sales everyday. I guess this is what it refers to “dislike” part? And what I like about make up? I feel that beauty comes from make up. Yeay, make up makes beauty. Yet, I love photo and video, want to do acting, posing and to be talents. Although I’m in learning zone, but choose to believe in yourself first. *Step forward* Confidence is the key isn’t it? One step at a time, I hope that whatever I’m doing right now, it leads me to somewhere someday.

We’re getting to know ourselves more each every day. Just like our life, we try out every single thing, and at the same time we get to know what we want for our future. If we’re afraid of stepping forward, we probably remain in the same zone. So why don't give a try? Believe in yourself, and your dream. Do you dare to dream?