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Monday, 15 October 2012

FOODS are our friends!

Sick naked face

Hello all, Sigh, I had a bad hang over and fell to sick cause of that. Was celebrating one of my new friend's birthday in Movida, Sunway Giza @ Kota Damansara. The night was so happening and I got stuck with it -.- It must be mixing too much of alcohols, beers and flaming. Been a long time I didn't have party night like this, I swearrrr! Well, to be honestly, I had a lot of fun. Hahaha. But starting to regret. Fell to sick, and feeling of being sick is killing meeeeee!! *it must be my punishment* I missed my ah gor's birthday celebration, feel so sorry. How I wish I can attend! :(

Btw, Do you still remember the taste of homemade breakfast? I'm so in love with it. Always imaging that I've a wonderful breakfast putting in front of my bed once I woke up. *dreaming* lol. I don't take breakfast usually, but after I did some reading, I realize that BREAKFAST is really important to us! So, people please don't be like me, I had a unhealthy lifestyle last time. So make time for breakfast! Well~ see what I had! :)




Pancakes with Banana

Saliva dropping? Looks delicious? These are made by my babe's mum. I'm a lucky girlllll. What a lovely meal we had on Saturday. As I mentioned before, She is really good in cooking. Haha, I guess that I'm addicted of taking picture of the good foods. I should post more about foods :P Anyway, I had my dinner with my family. Went to Fish Market @ Sunway Pyramid. 

Fish Market

Gummy Bear

Blue Dragon

Seafood Platter

F&C Snapper

Grill Salmon

Olio Chicken Spaghetti

*Dessert time*
Stick House

Food again. Hahaha. Hope you all enjoy reading. I'm going to take a rest now~ Loves. xoxo.

Sunday, 14 October 2012


Hello all! Do you heard about "Phewtick" before? This is the latest application for all the smartphones. A way of earning money when you meet someone. Earn free money for real? Sounds cool? Let me show you :)

Come! Let's join me and earn points together! :P

If you've no time for this, you can also join my friend's page in Facebook "Phewtick(PJ area)", screen shot of your QR code and upload to the page, so people can scan you and at the same time you can earn points together! Don't wait, download it and play with us :)