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Saturday, 17 November 2012

CHICO Baby ♥

Today I'm going to share about my pet, Chico. This picture was taken two years ago. I miss Chico so much. :(

Have you ever own a pet before? Hmm, I love pets! but for those that doesn't bite me. hahaha. Love spending time to walk around, and have a look with the animals if i passed by a pet shop. Actually I would love to have a puppy too, always wish to have one. Too bad, my house doesn't allowed pets. According to my mother, she always makes a lot of excuses and stopped me. Just like example, "I can't take care of it, because I don't know how to take care of myself." LOL! hey, that's not true!! Hmm, but it's true that you must have time for pets, take good care of it, otherwise it's not a good idea to own a pet. My mom said so, agreed. So the day when I brought back Chico home, guess what's her reaction? She was mumbling for few days. But it's ok, CHICO WAS MINE! :) So cuteeeeeee~

Chico slept like this *cool*

The last picture of Chico

*fatty*sitting down*

What so special about Chico. Hmm, this was my first pet, always wanted to own one. I didn't buy it, as you know that my mom will kill me. lol. It was a gift from my friend, Yongen. Thank you so much :') I miss Chico, I know Chico live happily. If you did realize it, one of Chico's eye is red, and another side it's black. That makes it so special. It didn't bite me before, just my dad, maybe he grabbed it too hard. Haha. 

I still remember the day before I went to travel, I was holding Chico and took a picture. Don't know why I would actually do that. normally I'll just check whether chico has enough food or not. But the things happened all sudden, the day before I flied, Chico left me. I cried for few days when I was traveling, even now when I talked about Chico, it makes me feel like tearing. i miss chico so badly. But well, Chico gave me a lot of good memories. I'll always put a smile on my face when I mentioned Chico. Because it makes me happy just like this.

Passed by a pet shop and I saw these. Took some pictures and decided to talk about Chico. They are just cute and adorable. It reminded me of Chico. If you do own a pet, spend time with them! Even it's just a minute. They need your love and care. Hope you all enjoy reading. Loves. xoxo.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Sekinchan, My work day

"Heyyyy~ I think I want you!" :P "HhMMMmm.." what kind of face is that? Anyway good day to all of you, readers. I was too bored and took a few pictures of myself. Hmm, My love told me before, when I'm about to start working, probably I'll have no time for my personal life, outings, friends or even family. Sigh. It's true. I've no time!! Even blogging took me a week to update a post. Planned some plans with my family and loves one once I've my weekends. Actually sometimes I work on weekends too. This is so sad. But I'm working hard for my future now. can't you see that? :P

Anyway If you did view my previous post, it's all about my working life. Back to the post, I was in Sekinchan the last day of my work! A beautiful place which it gives me a lot of memories, I miss it. Felt so excited! I used to stay there for few days, hanging out with my friends there. Even my daddy loves there too. I wish that I can have a holiday in Sekinchan! LOL! just started working and I plan to have holiday?! too much. Well, Grab some pictures from Facebook Sekinchan fan page.

If you plan to have a trip which it's inexpensive at the same time having a relaxing trip with your family or friends, you can probably head down to Sekinchan! You can purchase many fresh seafood from there. The foods taste differently comparing with KL.  

when I was 18 years old, in Sekinchan

hearts for you! :P

*acting cute*

Lastly, I wanted to share a quote to all my friends, I felt that it's true and meaningful. No matter what situation you're having now, "If you don't like it, wherever you're. MOVE! Because you're not a tree!" Move on my friend, cause we're strong enough to do it. Telling this to everyone, it's not a easy thing, but we've a choice, move on or stay? Stay strong my friend. :) I know you can do it, because I seen it before. That's all for today. Will try my best to update as soon as possible ya! Stay tuned! Loves. xoxo.