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Saturday, 10 November 2012

One Step in my life!


Hello! It's been awhile that I left my blog unwritten. Which I really don't have my time for my personal life. Due of my working days, been really busy *sorry* always waking up around 5am early in the morning and finished work around 7pm something. Sigh. Maybe I just had some few updates on my Facebook status and Instagram. Today I'm going to share all about my working life. Well, do you still remember that I mentioned about my job before? It's ok, now you know. Haha. Anyway, currently I'm working as a make up artist, probably I should say I do everything. Including styling. *still learning* I'm a lucky girl, It's because I get to learn things from my boss, and the best part which it's, she is willing to teach. Upcoming there is a movie, will spend 4 months to complete everything. Pray hard that I can handle it well.

The past week, I learned and gained a lot. Experience, Communication, being Independent, and of cause making money. lol! But it's true that earning money and be responsible. And yeah, I made some new friends too! Let's *Pictures talkie time!* :)


I do enjoy my job even though this is tiring. Besides working, didn't forget to take some pictures for my food hunting posts again. Does it look great and delicious? Hehe. That's my lunch and dinner. lol. And of cause please do support Jentzen! He is really a nice person! If you watch Astro, then you'll know who's he :) Had fun with him and colleagues. Stay tuned for more updates! Loves. xoxo.