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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Happy Halloween


Happy Halloween peopplleeeee! Eeeee,took me quite some times to edit the colors and the effects. Before this, I was using PICNIK to edit my photos. But I found out another photo editor which it's, Befunky not bad, it's user-friendly. Most of the photos from my blog are edited by this.

MAKE UP YOUR MIND. - Does the picture give you a Halloween feel? hehehe. *wink* was waiting for Halloween and post this picture. Especial thanks to my friend, Rhu pin for the demonic design. Love it! He has such a good talent, good in drawing as well. My second piece of art for my beloved blog name. Thank you so much! I hope there is more upcoming designs from you! Support!

 *thumbs up*

Hope you have a good day people! *peace* Loves. xoxo.

found a funny picture,
hope it'll make your day. smile people*
 It makes my day* :)

Monday, 29 October 2012


Someone told me before, a blog is just like your dairy. Express your feelings, share your life. 

Some random sentences came across my mind.
Even you're a superman, one day you'll be fall, you can't stand. You'll cry, wish that you can cry with someone. Even heroes have their tears, is not easy to be. Is just inside you. - superman