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Sunday, 23 June 2013

For You

I realize that blogging is a good way of communicating with people. It’s like a connection, from a person links to another one. A way of knowing each other and their stories. We always start with a conversation before we get to know a person. And it’s amazing what if you know a person’s feeling thru blog. Well, blog tells a story.

I used to tell my friends about half green apple story, but I doubt myself that it’s not happening in fact. It’s a love story, about a half green apple is looking another half of itself. I thought that I found my half before, but I was wrong. And the day I met someone, I guess I’ve an answer. It might be a person who has the same character as you; it’s like a mirror of yourself. You find yourself. And it’s two in one. It used to belong together with same soul, same character and same love. I guess this is what love goes around.

“Everyone wants happiness, nobody wants pain, but you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain.” The rain stands for pains and the rainbow stands for happiness. And what we should do it’s, creating a bright sunlight if you make a rain. You’ll eventually lose someone you love. Because every 60 seconds you spend being upset, is a minute of happiness you’ll never get back. So fights for the sunlight!

Learning Zone & Comfort Zone

Hello, do you still remember the previous post which I talked about my dream? *This is the link* I was totally confusing about my life and what I want for my future. But, it always takes time to figure it out. We are been searching for what we love for the past of our life or even now. Never give up before you even get started. I believe in this, “everything can be happen, when it comes, it’ll leads you to somewhere.” And one day, I will find my way. Here’s a video which talks about life, watch this and make your life better.

As he says, “How do you want for your future to be?” and most of the people will answer, “I don’t know and I’ve no idea.” I smiled. Because this is what I usually answer. We don’t know what we want for our future but we know what we like or dislike. I agreed. What I like and want my future to be? I love make up, but I don’t want to work as a sales girl who promotes make up products only. In directly, fighting for sales everyday. I guess this is what it refers to “dislike” part? And what I like about make up? I feel that beauty comes from make up. Yeay, make up makes beauty. Yet, I love photo and video, want to do acting, posing and to be talents. Although I’m in learning zone, but choose to believe in yourself first. *Step forward* Confidence is the key isn’t it? One step at a time, I hope that whatever I’m doing right now, it leads me to somewhere someday.

We’re getting to know ourselves more each every day. Just like our life, we try out every single thing, and at the same time we get to know what we want for our future. If we’re afraid of stepping forward, we probably remain in the same zone. So why don't give a try? Believe in yourself, and your dream. Do you dare to dream?

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Real One

Relationship – If you’re not comfortable enough with yourself or with your own truth when entering a relationship, then you’re not ready for that relationship. Do you always feel that maintaining a relationship isn’t easy? It’s a very common thing that couple fights. But it may be a ‘good’ fight that helps you to improve. When both of you manage to take arguments and learn it from the mistakes. Congrats, I bet that both of you are lovely couple. J

I always think of looking a ‘right person’ in my relationship, but in fact, I can’t. There’s only the real one. Let me explain, a right person – who can understand you without speaking a word. You feel that everything is right. Everything is just perfect. But the real one – can’t read your mind if you don’t speak. But listen patiently and try to understand you. You don’t feel right at all when comes to fights, or both of you can’t communicate. But will take that as experiences, and avoid them when happen again. We always learn from the past relationships, and want to be better for the next one. Well, I’m. And all my previous relationships taught me that, we need to know that relationships are not perfect. It’ll never be unless you found the key that how to maintain a relationship - be tolerating, and TRUST.
You can love anyone very deeply, but if you can’t find a way to maintain it, it’ll just back to zero. Just don’t give up because times are hard, especially if you really want something. Keep fighting for what you want until you can’t fight anymore, until giving up is the only option left. When you’re ready for this relationship, don’t let it go. You’ll never know that you can change the real one to become your right one. J

Friday, 22 March 2013

Idarts - Part Of My Life

Mushi Mushi! Hello! Been missing in action but never forget about my blog and readers. Make Up My Mind --- it started with my dream. The name of my blog reminds me of how much I love make up, and my mind reminds me of who I'm. My life, sharing life.

Today I'm going to talk about part of my life. Few days ago, I joined a competition which it's "Idarts Ladies Challenge 2013" Guess most of the people know about Idarts? It's a new and famous addiction in town. Entertainment which I found out that it can makes me happy. And it really works whenever I feel that way. Well, I'm addicted on it, and it slowly becomes "Part Of My Life." Btw, the competition was on Wednesday (20th March) Actually, honestly speaking, I didn't think of joining it at the first place. But no regrets, it was really a good try. I gained a lot during the competition. Facing people and control your nervous. Although I can't. Haha, *hand was shaking so badly that night* But I gain confidences and experiences. Met a lot of darts lovers, and their sharing experiences.

I do remember the first time I played, it was a year plus ago. I broke the darts. That's impossible right? Feeling embarrassing tho. And now I can't believe that I'm joining competition. I don't mean that i'm good in playing with it,but at least I'm proud of myself that I never give up at all. Trained hard a few weeks to get prepare for competition, been hanging out in Idarts 4-5 days in a week. That's really crazyyyy. Haha. Well, I love darts! Especially thanks to the people who teach me, practice with me, picking me up and down. People who came and supported me that night. REALLY APPRECIATE LOADS! Thank you~ thank you~

Anyway,congrats to Vivian the champion and Vee Siow the 1st runner up. Everyone is doing great that night. *really good in it* Clap-clap! Never give up and bring yourself down, I did it today :) It ain't easy for the first step, but if you choose to give up, you'll lose a good chance that might happen in your future. I believe everyone can do it. :) Loves.xoxo.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

I just DO IT

Something that you may not have done, still trying hard, or still figuring? We know that we do not have everything under our control, something in life that how much it means to you. That's the reason why we have the word of 'give up' Giving up those that you can't success it, those that you can't get it back. Anyone can give up, it's the easier things to do. But when you hold yourself while everyone thinks you can't, that's the true strength.

We've a choice. Things happen in life that we can't stop, but doesn't mean we should stop. Right now, push away all the negative saying. I just want to say, "DO IT!" do it and live like there is no tomorrow. What if there is no tomorrow, what you want to do in your life? I'm not referring robbing, stealing, etc. It's something which you left behind. Something which you don't have the guts to do it last time. In fact, I bet everyone has the strength to do it, if there is no tomorrow. :P HAHAHA.

Why don't we give a try? Try to complete something that you've not done. Just today, and one thing. After reading this, give yourself some confidence! And I just did it for today. It's not a big thing, but something that I left behind and words that I wanted to say. I sent a text to someone who used to be in my life. You're not alone. And I hope that we are living better :) jia you!

Thanks for your time reading this, I'll try out something new in my blog :) Loves.xoxo REMEMBER DO IT!

Sunday, 3 March 2013


Right or Wrong?

It's hard to make a decision. But it's harder to make a right decision. However, you should know that there may not always be a 'correct' or 'prefect' among all the decisions. You ask opinions from 100 peoples, but you may get back 100 different types of answers. Maybe the most terrible thing it's, you ask yourself but it ends up get back 100 answers. Have you been through this before? Afraid of making a decision. Been thinking over and over again just to make sure you won't be regret of choosing it. But the fact it's, over thinking will miss the obvious. If you do realize it, you've forgotten why you stand for in the first place. Make your mind clear, choose the most comfortable one, and the most confidence one :) There is no right or wrong. We can't predict our future, but doesn't mean you can't imaging it or making a choice. Don't ask yourself so much, just live, because I found out that life is never long enough. There are some things you can never control. 

*Don't wait til everything is just right. It will never be prefect. There will always be challenges, obstacles and less than prefect conditions. So get started now. With everything step you take, you'll grow stronger and stronger*

I should make a decision now :P Hope you enjoy reading :) Loves.xoxo.

Thursday, 28 February 2013



It ain't hard to make a dream comes true, but it's depends you want to make it real or not. What's your dream? :) Hhmmm.. What about my dream? To be honestly, I'm still finding. I'm kind of confusing what I want in the future. Is there anyone same as me? sigh. I know I shouldn't have this negative thinking. Yes, I shouldn't! I believe that one day I can find it, but it just needs times. Agree?

What do I feel about dreams? I feel that, life is all about dreams. When you've a dream, you'll start thinking how you going to success it. What's the feeling when you success it. A lot of imaginations. A lot of hopes. I feel that dreams are beautiful. Everyone fights for their life just because of their dreams. It's going to be hard with every first step, suffers, painful, tears, hurts, but all these are just the processing. You're not going to take all these for your dreams! These are just lessons to make you tough. Don't give excuses for yourself to give up. Because I'm so glad for those people who found their dreams. There are some of them, *like me* are still searching it. Keep holding!

I'll share with you if I found my dream :) And you! You'll find yours one day. I believe in that :) *Don't you worry, God has a plan for you* never stop believing.

Anyway, it's random. But just a sharing. Video of my wedding shoot. Hope you enjoy it! Loves.xoxo.