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Friday, 22 March 2013

Idarts - Part Of My Life

Mushi Mushi! Hello! Been missing in action but never forget about my blog and readers. Make Up My Mind --- it started with my dream. The name of my blog reminds me of how much I love make up, and my mind reminds me of who I'm. My life, sharing life.

Today I'm going to talk about part of my life. Few days ago, I joined a competition which it's "Idarts Ladies Challenge 2013" Guess most of the people know about Idarts? It's a new and famous addiction in town. Entertainment which I found out that it can makes me happy. And it really works whenever I feel that way. Well, I'm addicted on it, and it slowly becomes "Part Of My Life." Btw, the competition was on Wednesday (20th March) Actually, honestly speaking, I didn't think of joining it at the first place. But no regrets, it was really a good try. I gained a lot during the competition. Facing people and control your nervous. Although I can't. Haha, *hand was shaking so badly that night* But I gain confidences and experiences. Met a lot of darts lovers, and their sharing experiences.

I do remember the first time I played, it was a year plus ago. I broke the darts. That's impossible right? Feeling embarrassing tho. And now I can't believe that I'm joining competition. I don't mean that i'm good in playing with it,but at least I'm proud of myself that I never give up at all. Trained hard a few weeks to get prepare for competition, been hanging out in Idarts 4-5 days in a week. That's really crazyyyy. Haha. Well, I love darts! Especially thanks to the people who teach me, practice with me, picking me up and down. People who came and supported me that night. REALLY APPRECIATE LOADS! Thank you~ thank you~

Anyway,congrats to Vivian the champion and Vee Siow the 1st runner up. Everyone is doing great that night. *really good in it* Clap-clap! Never give up and bring yourself down, I did it today :) It ain't easy for the first step, but if you choose to give up, you'll lose a good chance that might happen in your future. I believe everyone can do it. :) Loves.xoxo.