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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

I just DO IT

Something that you may not have done, still trying hard, or still figuring? We know that we do not have everything under our control, something in life that how much it means to you. That's the reason why we have the word of 'give up' Giving up those that you can't success it, those that you can't get it back. Anyone can give up, it's the easier things to do. But when you hold yourself while everyone thinks you can't, that's the true strength.

We've a choice. Things happen in life that we can't stop, but doesn't mean we should stop. Right now, push away all the negative saying. I just want to say, "DO IT!" do it and live like there is no tomorrow. What if there is no tomorrow, what you want to do in your life? I'm not referring robbing, stealing, etc. It's something which you left behind. Something which you don't have the guts to do it last time. In fact, I bet everyone has the strength to do it, if there is no tomorrow. :P HAHAHA.

Why don't we give a try? Try to complete something that you've not done. Just today, and one thing. After reading this, give yourself some confidence! And I just did it for today. It's not a big thing, but something that I left behind and words that I wanted to say. I sent a text to someone who used to be in my life. You're not alone. And I hope that we are living better :) jia you!

Thanks for your time reading this, I'll try out something new in my blog :) Loves.xoxo REMEMBER DO IT!

Sunday, 3 March 2013


Right or Wrong?

It's hard to make a decision. But it's harder to make a right decision. However, you should know that there may not always be a 'correct' or 'prefect' among all the decisions. You ask opinions from 100 peoples, but you may get back 100 different types of answers. Maybe the most terrible thing it's, you ask yourself but it ends up get back 100 answers. Have you been through this before? Afraid of making a decision. Been thinking over and over again just to make sure you won't be regret of choosing it. But the fact it's, over thinking will miss the obvious. If you do realize it, you've forgotten why you stand for in the first place. Make your mind clear, choose the most comfortable one, and the most confidence one :) There is no right or wrong. We can't predict our future, but doesn't mean you can't imaging it or making a choice. Don't ask yourself so much, just live, because I found out that life is never long enough. There are some things you can never control. 

*Don't wait til everything is just right. It will never be prefect. There will always be challenges, obstacles and less than prefect conditions. So get started now. With everything step you take, you'll grow stronger and stronger*

I should make a decision now :P Hope you enjoy reading :) Loves.xoxo.