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Thursday, 28 February 2013



It ain't hard to make a dream comes true, but it's depends you want to make it real or not. What's your dream? :) Hhmmm.. What about my dream? To be honestly, I'm still finding. I'm kind of confusing what I want in the future. Is there anyone same as me? sigh. I know I shouldn't have this negative thinking. Yes, I shouldn't! I believe that one day I can find it, but it just needs times. Agree?

What do I feel about dreams? I feel that, life is all about dreams. When you've a dream, you'll start thinking how you going to success it. What's the feeling when you success it. A lot of imaginations. A lot of hopes. I feel that dreams are beautiful. Everyone fights for their life just because of their dreams. It's going to be hard with every first step, suffers, painful, tears, hurts, but all these are just the processing. You're not going to take all these for your dreams! These are just lessons to make you tough. Don't give excuses for yourself to give up. Because I'm so glad for those people who found their dreams. There are some of them, *like me* are still searching it. Keep holding!

I'll share with you if I found my dream :) And you! You'll find yours one day. I believe in that :) *Don't you worry, God has a plan for you* never stop believing.

Anyway, it's random. But just a sharing. Video of my wedding shoot. Hope you enjoy it! Loves.xoxo.

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  1. Nice wedding video~ How I wish that I am the groom~ Hahahaha~
    Well, you are right, God has plan for everyone~
    Now, I have found a dream for me to pursue, and I really hope that you can be able to find yours some day~ =)